Learning about friendship and the shape of a heart by creating a heart-shaped friendship chain!   
Let’s build an igloo! Whether it’s for reading or playing… our children built igloos based on the book, “The Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett.
The Stamford Public School District is encouraging families with students entering kindergarten during the 2021-2022 school year to register early! If you live in Stamford and have a child who will be five years old on or before January 1, 2022, they are eligible to enter kindergarten in August 2021. If you have additional questions […]
The children were so excited to make snow inside! All you have to do is combine 3 cups of baking soda with 1/2 a cup of white hair conditioner… and you have SNOW! Once we made the snow, the children explored their own pile! Some used the snow to create igloos and some created snowy […]

Thank you to KPMG for donating a gift certificate that allowed us to purchase books with messages supporting diversity and inclusion from First Book! The children are really enjoying story time!

It’s a great day to make lacing mittens out of paper! This fun and simple activity is included in our Play to Learn Book! Check the photo below for materials and instructions.
Supplies: Baby oil, glitter, pompoms, food coloring, mini colorful rubber bands, mini shells, tiny fish, dolphin and shark figurines, water absorbing beads, water. Ocean in a Bottle Drop small shells, fish or other small ocean animal figurines into the bottle. Pour in water almost to the top. Add 1 drop of blue food coloring. Pour […]
As we prepare for our regularly scheduled winter break, we are mindful of the rising COVID-19 cases in Stamford and the surrounding communities. As always, our goal is to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children and staff. Recent local health concerns and the staffing challenges generated by public school closings […]
While learning about how the post office and mail carriers help our community, students worked on writing letters home! They addressed them and sent them out. Now they are waiting to receive them at home. This gives students hands on experience with how a piece of mail starts in one place and ends up in […]
CLC has been honored with the 2020 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders® Award for Southern Connecticut. As an awardee, CLC will receive a $200,000 grant, a year of leadership training for CEO, Marc Jaffe and Head Start/Early Head Start Director, Marsha Guthrie who is being recognized as an emerging leader, a network of peer organizations […]
Our students were thrilled to receive beautiful knit hats from the residents at Edgehill. Thank you for your generosity!
CLC’s CEO, Marc Jaffe accepted the award for Best Friend to Children at Moffly Media’s virtual Light A Fire Awards Ceremony on Thursday, December 3. Earlier this year, during 8 critical weeks of the pandemic, our team of heroes provided reliable and safe childcare to children of frontline workers as part of Project 26. This […]
In their Author Study of Maurice Sendak, students recreated the story, “Where the Wild Things Are.” This class created the environment by making Max’s boat, painting the background and making the characters in the story. Students acted out the story and while #socialdistancing and each got a chance to play Max in his special boat.
A big THANK YOU to PepsiCo Finance Control for a generous book donation. Our students are enjoying the new stories very much! In this photo, the teacher is reading “Hair Love” by Matthew A. Cherry.
Our students are learning about transportation! They built a train, a railroad crossing and a train station to go along with stories on different types of transportation.
Our students did an author study on Maurice Sandak, complete with lots of reading and projects!
We are honored to be named the Best Friend to Children by Moffly Media from Light a Fire 2020 for our Project 26 work. For 8 weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided reliable and safe childcare to the children of healthcare workers without any children or staff getting sick. Congratulations to our team for […]
Students are learning about what a community is and all the people who make it cleaner, safer and better! Each child is taking on a different role in the classroom community. The dramatic play area has become a doctor’s office, the block area is now a construction zone, the writing table is the post office […]
Congratulations to our board member and 2019 honoree Thasunda Brown Duckett for this great interview! Thasunda Brown Duckett of Chase: ‘People Need to Know Who You Are’ corner office With a passion for increasing financial literacy and a gift for establishing personal relationships, Ms. Duckett has had a meteoric rise through corporate America. Thasunda Duckett, […]
We are featured in a fantastic Stamford Advocate article! It has awesome pictures of CLC children and our friends from Edgehill Community, who accompanied us on a field trip to Bruce Museum last week. Check it out! Stamford children’s learning agency extends reach The gathering at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich was the first joint trip […]