Parents & Families

Head Start

A child’s ability to learn can be greatly affected by a parent’s degree of involvement as well as by the quality of his or her family life. 

CLC offers a variety of services to help foster the best possible learning and home environments for families.

What programs are available for parents?

Literacy Training
Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) literacy workshops, as well as access to public school literacy workshops and lending libraries

Parenting Education
Seminars and workshops dealing with all aspects of a child’s interests

Parental Involvement
Parents can become classroom volunteers, serve as part of the governing and advisory boards, and be involved in planning curricula and programs

Community Involvement
Parent/community education seminars

What family services are available?
  • Guided enrollment and placement for children
  • Case conferences and follow-up
  • Crisis intervention and follow-up
  • Community referrals
  • Child and family advocacy
What is the Family & Community Engagement Committee (FACE)?

FACE empowers CLC families in their pivotal roles as the primary teacher for their young children. Supported and led by a professional governing body, the committee is dedicated to achieving bold goals and objectives to increase parent engagement across our programs.

Global pandemic challenges have allowed FACE to adapt its mission to consider new protocols and priorities, including remote personal interaction and emotional and mental support services to families.

In cooperation with the teaching staff and families across our programs, FACE has enhanced its combined effect efforts through Blended Pre-K.