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The world is a classroom for preschoolers!

PLAY TO LEARN: SEASONS is a new family activity book developed by CLC’s early education pros.

It features a mix of arts and crafts, science, math, cooking, games, and nature!

The easy-to-do activities – such as making leaf rubbings or creating snow people who do not melt – are fun and educational for the whole family!

The changing seasons provide endless opportunities for learning. Each season has its own delights, just waiting to be explored! Our book guides children on an exciting journey of discovery!

  • English and Spanish-language versions in one book
  • 40+ educational and fun hands-on activities
  • Same skills as practiced at school
  • No special materials needed – supplies are commonly found around the home
  • Tips on talking with children while working together and having fun
  • Seasonal themed activities for hours of family enjoyment throughout the year

Take a look inside Play to Learn:

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