Software Engineer, Google

Andres currently works as a Software Engineer in one of the Google Geo teams with a focus on applied machine learning. He participated in Google’s Engineering Residency program, which entails two months of training and two five month rotations. Upon successful completion of the program, he was offered a full time engineering position.

He identifies himself as a first-generation college graduate who has a strong passion for math and computer science as it ties to human advancement. Majoring in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University’s School of Engineering, he was able to take courses in not only math, but programming and machine learning. He was also fortunate enough to balance his coursework to continue his love for studying Mandarin, taking a class every single semester in college.

Andres interned at AOL, BAML as a sales and trading intern, and at GenTrust, a wealth management firm. His experiences helped him gain insight into his professional dreams and also helped him realize the importance of giving back to the community and the fortunate position he finds himself in. As an Alumni of Waterside School and as a son of two immigrant parents, he knows for a fact that his present success could not have been possible without all of the help of wonderful friends and family, schools like Children’s Learning Centers, Waterside, NCCS, and RCDS, and other institutions that came and lent a hand. He was inducted into CLC’s Hall of Fame in 2015. As he says, “I sit on the shoulders of giants.”