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What's Happening at CLC

At-Home Science Experiment to Engage the 5 Senses!


Baby oil, glitter, pompoms, food coloring, mini colorful rubber bands, mini shells, tiny fish, dolphin and shark figurines, water absorbing beads, water.

Ocean in a Bottle

Drop small shells, fish or other small ocean animal figurines into the bottle. Pour in water almost to the top. Add 1 drop of blue food coloring. Pour in baby oil to the top. Close and seal the bottle.



Pour a small amount of glitter into a bottle; add water to the top.


Drop some pompoms into a bottle and add water to the top.

Food Coloring

Fill half of a bottle with water. Add three drops of red food coloring. Add baby oil to the top.

Rubber Bands

Drop in some mini colorful rubber bands into a bottle and add water to the top.

Water Absorbing Beads

Drop some water absorbing beads into a bowl and pour in water. Allow some time for the beads to absorb the water and grow. After they grow, pour them into a bottle.

Note: Water and baby oil do not mix. That’s why you will have these two liquids separated.

You can pour into a water bottle a variety of small items that you find around your home or in a craft store. Just be creative!

Include your child in the making process of these bottles. Don’t forget to seal the tops with some clear tape.

When ready, children can shake the bottles and flip them over to observe what is happening inside each bottle.

Ask your child to describe with their own words what is happening in each of the bottles.

CLC Temporarily Moving to Full Remote Learning

As we prepare for our regularly scheduled winter break, we are mindful of the rising COVID-19 cases in Stamford and the surrounding communities. As always, our goal is to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children and staff.

Recent local health concerns and the staffing challenges generated by public school closings require us to take a proactive approach. We have made the difficult decision to temporarily switch from on-site center based learning to fully remote learning Monday, December 21 – December 23.  Our previously scheduled winter break will run December 24 – January 3.

We will resume remote learning January 4 – January 8. We plan to resume on site learning on Monday, January 11 and look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to our classrooms.

Before sending your child back to CLC, please be sure to monitor for symptoms, check his/her temperature and keep your child home if he/she is exhibiting any symptoms. If anyone in your household is waiting for COVID-19 test results or received a positive diagnosis, your child should remain home until all quarantine requirements have been met.

If you travel outside of Connecticut, please check the State of Connecticut’s website and follow any quarantine requirements. That information can be found at

We are also aware of the severe weather approaching our area. To find information on potential closings and delays due to weather on Thursday, December 17 and Friday, December 18 please watch Channel 12 News or Channel 8 News, listen to radio station WICC 600 AM, visit or (You can register to receive email notification with or listen to a recorded message with updates on our voice mail system at (203) 323-5944.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we navigate the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.


Mientras nos preparamos para nuestras vacaciones de invierno programadas regularmente, somos conscientes de los crecientes casos de COVID-19 en Stamford y las comunidades circundantes. Como siempre, nuestro objetivo es continuar brindando un entorno seguro y saludable para nuestros niños y el personal.

Los problemas de salud locales recientes y los desafíos de personal generados por el cierre de escuelas públicas requieren que adoptemos un enfoque proactivo. Hemos tomado la difícil decisión de cambiar temporalmente del aprendizaje basado en el centro en el sitio al aprendizaje completamente remoto del lunes 21 de diciembre al 23 de diciembre. Nuestras vacaciones de invierno programadas previamente se realizarán del 24 de diciembre al 3 de enero.

Reanudaremos el aprendizaje virtual del 4 de enero al 8 de enero. Planeamos reanudar el aprendizaje en el sitio el lunes 11 de enero y esperamos darle la bienvenida a sus hijos a nuestras aulas.

Antes de enviar a su hijo(a) de regreso a CLC, asegúrese de vigilar los síntomas, controlar su temperatura y mantener a su hijo en casa si presenta algún síntoma. Si alguien en su hogar está esperando los resultados de la prueba de COVID-19 o recibió un diagnóstico positivo, su hijo(a) debe permanecer en casa hasta que se cumplan todos los requisitos de cuarentena.

Si viaja fuera de Connecticut, consulte el sitio web del estado de Connecticut y siga los requisitos de cuarentena. Esa información se puede encontrar en

También somos conscientes del clima severo que se aproxima a nuestra área. Para encontrar información sobre posibles cierres y demoras debido al clima el jueves 17 de diciembre y el viernes 18 de diciembre, mire las noticias del Canal 12 o las Noticias del Canal 8, escuche la estación de radio WICC 600 AM, visite  o  (Puede registrarse para recibir notificaciones por correo electrónico en o escuchar un mensaje grabado con actualizaciones sobre nuestro sistema de correo de voz al (203) 323-5944.

Gracias por su paciencia y flexibilidad mientras navegamos por los desafíos únicos que presenta la pandemia. Le deseamos a usted ya su familia unas felices y saludables fiestas.

Learning How to Mail a Letter from the Post Office

While learning about how the post office and mail carriers help our community, students worked on writing letters home!

They addressed them and sent them out. Now they are waiting to receive them at home.

This gives students hands on experience with how a piece of mail starts in one place and ends up in another.

CLC Honored with 2020 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Award

CLC has been honored with the 2020 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders® Award for Southern Connecticut.

As an awardee, CLC will receive a $200,000 grant, a year of leadership training for CEO, Marc Jaffe and Head Start/Early Head Start Director, Marsha Guthrie who is being recognized as an emerging leader, a network of peer organizations across the U.S., and the opportunity to access capital to expand our impact.

Since 2004, Bank of America has invested over $260 million in 50 communities through Neighborhood Builders, partnering with more than 1,300 nonprofits and helping more than 2,600 nonprofit leaders strengthen their leadership skills. 

“The health crisis continues to underscore the need for the educational and job retraining programs provided by our 2020 Neighborhood Builders, the Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology and Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County,” said Bill Tommins, Southern Connecticut market president for Bank of America. “Throughout the years, Neighborhood Builders has made a lasting impact in local communities across Southern CT and we look forward to seeing how this year’s recipients make even greater strides toward sustainable change in the region to advance economic mobility for all.” 

The Neighborhood Builders program is an opportunity to provide relevant skills development and topics to help nonprofit leaders address current and future community challenges. Each year, Bank of America refines the Neighborhood Builders Leadership Program to include topics ranging from strategic storytelling to human capital management, and highlights themes that are critical to moving the nonprofit sector forward within broader societal and economic context. 

As COVID-19 protocols have increased expenses, the Neighborhood Builders funds will be used to support operational costs including PPE for teachers. It will also be used in developing a Blended Pre-K model (distance learning) with a central goal of family engagement while also providing operating flexibility during the pandemic. This will help CLC continue their vision of building a just future where every child and family thrives because of early childhood education. 

“America’s early childhood system was fragile and operated on razor thin margins prior to the pandemic. Now extended closures and increased operating costs due to COVID-19 coupled with reduced capacity is pushing the early childhood system that working parents rely on, to the brink of collapse,” said Marc Jaffe, CEO of Children’s Learning Centers. “The Neighborhood Builders grant will have a tremendous impact on CLC and the children we serve and will allow us to continue our mission. Thank you, Bank of America, for your partnership!” 

Since 2007, through its Neighborhood Builders© program, Bank of America has partnered with 19 nonprofits in Southern Connecticut, investing $4 million to provide economic mobility opportunities across Fairfield and New Haven counties. The invitation-only program is highly competitive, and leading philanthropic, nonprofit and community leaders participated in a collaborative selection process to identify this year’s awardees. Examples of the leadership training topics include human capital management, increasing financial sustainability, and storytelling. Neighborhood Builders is just one example of how Bank of America deploys capital in communities, builds cross-sector partnerships, and promotes socioeconomic progress as part of its approach to responsible growth. 

CLC Accepts Best Friend to Children Award for Light A Fire 2020

CLC’s CEO, Marc Jaffe accepted the award for Best Friend to Children at Moffly Media’s virtual Light A Fire Awards Ceremony on Thursday, December 3.

Earlier this year, during 8 critical weeks of the pandemic, our team of heroes provided reliable and safe childcare to children of frontline workers as part of Project 26. This award is a tribute to their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to all of our fellow honorees and thank you for rising to the challenge during the pandemic.

Recreating “Where the Wild Things Are”

In their Author Study of Maurice Sendak, students recreated the story, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

This class created the environment by making Max’s boat, painting the background and making the characters in the story.

Students acted out the story and while #socialdistancing and each got a chance to play Max in his special boat.

Learning About Transportation!

Our students are learning about transportation!

They built a train, a railroad crossing and a train station to go along with stories on different types of transportation.