Blended Pre-K

Open To All Families
Available At Home And Online

Head Start

Blended Pre-K (BPK) combines educational materials and opportunities for interaction at home and online with traditional play-based classroom methods.

CLC has taken a coordinated, integrated approach that leverages the best practices of each program.

When is BPK used?

BPK enables CLC to engage with families meaningfully at a time when parents are not allowed in our centers for health and safety reasons.

BPK also provides needed flexibility when classrooms have to quarantine due to a COVID-19 diagnosis.

How does BPK engage families?

Teachers provide emotional support by allowing families to talk about their situations and use CLC resources to help families find community resources.

  • Partnering with parents to engage in daily learning at home
  • Providing parents with training & tools needed
  • Utilizing a common approach to content & curriculum
How much screen time is involved?

The goal of BPK is to keep screen time to a minimum while fostering play-based learning at home engaging families and empowering parents to become primary teacher and advocate for their children.

What resources are families provided?
  • Families are provided with group meetings once or twice a week at the same time of day. Large group, small group and individual check ins are available depending on preference.
  • Families are provided with a Distance Learning Experience Plan where follow up activities and experiences are offered. This includes questions to ask their children and activities they can initiate with their children as an extension to the learning experience presented online.
  • Families are informed of developmentally appropriate practices including how activities and read aloud can be done
How can families communicate with teachers?

Families can participate in question and answer threads on Google Classroom to have a private conversation with their child’s teacher.