Baby oil, glitter, pompoms, food coloring, mini colorful rubber bands, mini shells, tiny fish, dolphin and shark figurines, water absorbing beads, water.

Ocean in a Bottle

Drop small shells, fish or other small ocean animal figurines into the bottle. Pour in water almost to the top. Add 1 drop of blue food coloring. Pour in baby oil to the top. Close and seal the bottle.



Pour a small amount of glitter into a bottle; add water to the top.


Drop some pompoms into a bottle and add water to the top.

Food Coloring

Fill half of a bottle with water. Add three drops of red food coloring. Add baby oil to the top.

Rubber Bands

Drop in some mini colorful rubber bands into a bottle and add water to the top.

Water Absorbing Beads

Drop some water absorbing beads into a bowl and pour in water. Allow some time for the beads to absorb the water and grow. After they grow, pour them into a bottle.

Note: Water and baby oil do not mix. That’s why you will have these two liquids separated.

You can pour into a water bottle a variety of small items that you find around your home or in a craft store. Just be creative!

Include your child in the making process of these bottles. Don’t forget to seal the tops with some clear tape.

When ready, children can shake the bottles and flip them over to observe what is happening inside each bottle.

Ask your child to describe with their own words what is happening in each of the bottles.