With warmer days ahead, outdoor play is something many children and parents are looking forward to! Outdoor play is also a wonderful way to incorporate movement and exercise into your child’s day, while providing opportunities for them to learn in a number of different ways. Whether at school or at home, playing outside provides unstructured […]
At Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County, our play-based learning philosophy allows children to discover the world at their own pace through hands-on, fun activities. All of our classrooms use the Creative Curriculum, which is backed by comprehensive child development research. The curriculum is built upon hands-on learning, sensory awareness, creative expression, multicultural socialization and […]
The teachers at Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County (CLC) enjoy incorporating science experiments into their curriculums, that engage our students’ senses! Sensory activities help our children to understand the world around them using the five senses; taste, touch, smell, site and hearing. Sensory bottles are one of the activities our teachers do with students […]