Cynthia’s Success Story

Sandra and Juan Rojas’ middle child Cynthia was very shy when she entered Childcare Learning Centers’ School Readiness Program for pre-K at the William Pitt facility. Now five and in kindergarten, her mother says she is a ‘social butterfly’ thanks to the social skills she learned at CLC. Maria was the second of their children at CLC.

“CLC was our first choice for our oldest child, who is now a third grader,” says Sandra Rojas. “She is very social and smart and got a great foundation. It’s much more than daycare, teaching a lot in pre-K that kids would not normally learn until kindergarten. They are really ready and make the move easily.” The Rojas’ are very pleased that their youngest, Maria, is now also enrolled at CLC at the William Pitt Center in the School Readiness Program.

“We really like the school and the program,” Sandra Rojas adds. “They are very friendly and they are on top of things. The kids get to socialize even with kids in other clusters so they feel they’re part of a community. And a very nice thing they do is try to group kids together who live in the same neighborhood so they see familiar faces and it makes it easy to visit with friends outside of school.”

Mrs. Rojas also thinks the hours are great. They accommodate her work schedule as a part time administrative assistant at a Greenwich engineering firm.

“I feel that my children are getting the best care and education. They have all grown so much at CLC.”

Jessica's Success Story

When the Recinos family came to this country looking for a better life in a new land, they also looked for the best early childcare and educational program for their daughter Jessica. The family met the financial criteria for Head Start and enrolled Jessica at CLC’s Head Start Program. Her teachers and others found her to be a happy and healthy child, pleasant to have in the classroom. However, she and her family were about to experience a serious crisis and CLC would take extraordinary measures to help them meet that challenge.

One day after Jessica had been absent for a number of days, her mother came into the CLC Social Services Offices desperately seeking help. Jessica had complained of pain in one of her eyes. After a trip to the doctor and treatment with eye drops the symptoms became worse, not better.

A CLC Family Service Worker calmed the worried mother with patience and a positive attitude, advising her to ask her family physician for a referral to an eye specialist. The mother did so, but the specialist was also unable to diagnose the problem and referred the family to Yale Pediatric Services. Finally, they received a terrifying diagnosis. Jessica had cancer of the cornea, a rare but potentially deadly disease.

Yale further referred the family to the Virginia State Pediatric Eye Center, where it was determined that, fortunately, the other eye was not affected. Yet, emergency surgery was required to remove the diseased eye. Because of their modest means, the Recinos had minimal health insurance that did not cover either the surgery or implanting a prosthetic eye in place of the one removed – a procedure deemed ‘cosmetic’, but critical to the four-year-old child’s emotional well-being.

Once again, CLC answered the Recinos cry for help. The Family Service Worker and a CLC nurse intervened with the insurance company, persisting until they convinced the insurer to cover both procedures.

Although Jessica’s health crisis depleted all her family’s small resources and the road to physical and emotional recovery was long, Jessica finally returned to her CLC classroom. The staff watched carefully over her and provided the family with ongoing counseling and assistance. This year she graduated from CLC and started kindergarten, where CLC hears that she is doing very well – a testimonial to the family’s fortitude and the incredibly dedicated and caring staff that goes to great lengths on behalf of CLC children and their families.

Mickael’s Success Story

When Maryne Sherwood and her husband were looking for infant through pre-k daycare for their four-month old son Mickael, they visited CLC and nine other pre-schools. The family was seeking a number of qualities in choosing the best care and early education for their son. They wanted a program that had a good reputation, met the needs of a diverse population, was spotlessly clean, and offered a well-balanced food program. Most of all, they were looking for a program in which the children were very involved in a wide variety of play and learning activities.

The Sherwood’s found just the place they were looking for in Childcare Learning Centers. They loved CLC’s caring staff and educational programming. They entered Mickael as an infant and he is just starting his last year before moving on to kindergarten.

“Mickael loves going to CLC,” said his Mom. “He’s a very active child and he enjoys the various aspects of the program. His social skills have improved greatly over the past four years, thanks to the skill and flexibility of the teachers. One year, when he was having some difficulty, CLC worked closely with Maryne, changing his room in the middle of the semester to make sure he had the best experience possible.”

During this period, Maryne Sherwood, who runs a computer business from her home, has become involved in CLC’s Parent Council, which is designed to promote parental involvement. According to Maryne, CLC and the professional staff that works with the Parent Council is very encouraging of their efforts. Babysitters and lunches are even provided so that it’s easier for the parents to attend the meetings. Recently, the Parent Council suggested some playground upgrades at Palmer’s Hill, the facility that Mickael attends. The beautiful playground was finished before the school year began. It now has additional shade and a new soft playing surface.

When Mickael’s Mom talks about him entering kindergarten next year, her hope is that his experience there is as positive as it has been at Childcare Learning Centers. With the preparation he is getting at CLC, he has a good chance of that happening!