Partner, Anthill Ventures

A scholar and entrepreneur with deep knowledge of the hardware and software industry, Antonio started coding at the age of 14. He was the Co-Inventor of the European teletex, which is a platform largely diffused in Europe broadcasting systems. Antonio has gained strong capabilities in different industries, leading the deployment of the very first digital mobile television network in the world.

He won and delivered new business as an executive and manager on teams across multiple companies and industries, including Bear Stearns, Apple Computer, Winterthur and Hachette Media. Antonio is an active member of Harvard Business School as a community partner program in Connecticut and in New York. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Sda Bocconi Milano/ Fudan University Shanghai. He has done post-graduate work at Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. He was the winner of 2011 Mediobanca prize, which is annually awarded to the best performing company which stands out for their high growth rates and highest profitability.