Columbia NSP

Head Start

CLC has been fortunate to form a strategic partnership with the Nurture Science Program (NSP) at Columbia University Medical Center, under the leadership of Martha G. Welch MD. The NSP is a world leader in a new evidence-based understanding of the critical role emotional connection plays in healthy child development.

Together with NSP, CLC tested completed a randomized controlled trial of a family intervention that engaged CLC mothers in the critical task of co-regulating their preschool aged children’s emotions so that they could better deal with the stresses caused by separation from the home environment. The trial results showed significant improvements in child behavior at home and in school.

Benefits of Family Nurture Intervention include:

• Improved mother-child emotional connection and co-regulated behavior.

• Increased social support system
Lower levels of maternal depression
and anxiety.

• Improved cognition and language and
fewer attention problems.

As a result of COVID-19, the NSP has designed a virtual program that will help mothers co-regulate their child’s emotions on a daily basis and prepare their child emotionally for the CLC preschool experience. CLC believes the Parent Emotional Preparation program could dramatically transform the CLC-parent relationship.

Together with NSP, CLC is conducting an effectiveness trial to document the benefits to parents and CLC teachers.

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