CLC Change for Change

CLC is teaming with Brunswick School for a “Change for Change” fundraiser!

It’s a fundraising competition among grades to benefit our nutrition program! We serve children 500,000 healthy meals and snacks a year – more than any organization in Southwest Connecticut!

It costs $975,000 for those meals and CLC only gets reimbursed $650,000.  Do the MATH – that’s a $325,000 deficit from feeding our kids!

You can HELP: Bring in your CHANGE!

  • $5 feeds one of our kids – 2 meals and a snack a day
  • $500 Feeds one Class – 20 children for an entire week
  • $1,000-Feeds 200 children for a day

Grade that brings the most WINS free dress

Help us keep kids healthy, happy and learning!

Thanks to the CLC Youth Board for their support!

President: Nick Mosher | Vice President: David Sorbaro | Charlie Berger | Harry Fett | William Holey | Hayden Hoover | Emma MacTaggart | William McKinnon | Maggie Varvel

Special thanks to First Bank of Greenwich for their help with the campaign!

Check out our video to learn more about CLC: