Classroom Contest

Classroom Competition to Sell CLC Benefit Tickets!

•Your classroom’s unique ticket link is listed alphabetically below by head teacher last name.

•Share this link via social media, email, etc. to friends and family!

•Your classroom will compete against other classrooms with prizes in different categories.

•Updates and prize winners will be listed on CLC’s Facebook page!

Overall Classroom Prizes

The top FOUR classrooms with the largest ticket sales will win! Competition ends 4/3/19 at Noon. Classes may use their winnings for a classroom party of their choice. (Pizza party, ice cream party, science kit, etc.) Top Prize: $100 Second Prize: $75 Third Prize: $50 Fourth Prize: $25

Weekly Classroom and Teacher Prizes

Each week we will have a mini-competition to see who can raise the most money in ticket sales for that week only. Each week the classroom with the highest sales value will win an assortment of classroom and teacher gift cards. Start – March 17 at Midnight March 18 – March 24 at Midnight March 25 – March 31 at Midnight Questions or issues can be directed to the classroom teachers or Lindsey Fahey at

Click on your child’s teacher’s last name to buy tickets!

Allegria, William Pitt: F3

Alvarez, Lathan Wider: Class B

Arbito, William Pitt: A1

Bartram, William Pitt: C2

Battista, Palmers Hill: Class 9

Bernsten, William Pitt: B1

Brotherton, William Pitt: B3

Cabrera, Franklin Commons: Class 1

Classroom A3: William Pitt

Classroom C, Lathan Wider\

Copeland, Palmers Hill: Class 5

Dixon, William Pitt: Class F2

Docimo, Palmers Hill: Class 8

Easterling, Lockwood: Class 16

Garey, William Pitt: Class C1

Ginise, Palmers Hill: Class 2

Kilibwa, William Pitt: Class D2

Liebler, Palmers Hill: Class 4

Lombardi, William Pitt: Class E1

Medina, William Pitt: Class C3

Mohan, Palmers Hill: Class 6

Olli, William Pitt: Class A2

Ortiz, Lockwood: Class 17

Pacheco, William Pitt: Class B2

Pantoja, William Pitt: Class E3

Pino, William Pitt: Class F1

Polonia, Lockwood: Class 15 

Richard, Lathan Wider: Class A

Rollins, William Pitt: Class E2

Roman, Franklin Commons: Class 2

Ruffin, William Pitt: Class D1

 Salom, Westover

Sanchez, Lockwood: Class 14

Slater, William Pitt: Class A3

Speriglio, Palmers Hill: Infant Room

Tsiradilis, Palmers Hill: Class 7

Vallejo, Palmers Hill: Class 1

 Vermilyea, Palmers Hill: Class 3

Zuniga, William Pitt: Class D3